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In 2013 I had a friend turning 50 and I wanted to find him a gift which was both thoughtful and unique.  I found a VFL Football Record from the year he was born.  I absolutely loved it, however it wasn’t so much the footy information, as the old adverts throughout the record.  Looking at these I got very nostalgic as memories came flooding back.  So then I thought, why not create a book of everything I can find from the year he was born.

I got to work and found old photos and pictures of toys and household goods from the era, looked up news articles, fashion, TV shows and music and put it all together in a hard cover book.

After that I started to make these books for my friend’s milestone birthdays.  These were usually given at a party, and I was constantly approached and asked where I got the book.  When I told people that I had made it, they then asked to order one for a special someone in their lives.  

And Your Year was born.

Funnily enough, my business partner in Your Year is Dan, the friend I made the first book for. We started our research and now all these years later, we finally have a finished product.  Whilst it has been a lot of hard work, it has also been great fun. We hope that you get as much pleasure reading your book as we did making it.

― Robyn & Dan ―

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